Why Crimp When you possibly can Screw?

If you need to terminate high voltage crimps, then you will be well aware of the tooling required, which can be very expensive or physically hard to use due to the massive force required for using manual tools.

Only Connect: Why Crimp When you can Screw?

Here is a great product from Morek with their innovative Shear Bolt cable lugs enabling terminating cable carrying up to12kV. The really simple yet brilliant thing about these connectors is it’s all in the name. The termination of the bolts are designed to shear at just the right torque ensuring that all terminations are neither under- nor over-tightened.

Sometimes things are so obvious and simple, yet you can’t help thinking why we are not using more of these!

These versatile connectors are available in M10, M12 and M16 for wire cross sectional mm2 between 6 mm2 and a whopping 300mm2, an unbelievably large range making this adoptable in many uses.

There are many other great technical advantages for using these and all the technical information can be found on this link.

We won’t get into the technical details here other than to say we believe that one of the easiest things that people can do to reduce costs is to use products that save time and avoid the investment in massively expensive tooling. The Shear bolt solves these two problems!

One added advantage is that you can perform field repairs fast, making these very desirable for repair engineers and field installations.

You can check out the product video below, and you simply can not tell us watching the termination of cables using these is not really satisfying!

The next time you need to design-in high voltage connectors we would urge you to consider taking a look at these. We believe they are going to be very widely adopted in the industry, saving a lot of costs in both product manufacturing and field repairs.

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Nick Locke, Nicab Ltd

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