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MeetEdgar Vs Zoho Social

Social media helps brands and people break new boundaries. Social media platforms help brands connect to their potential customers. As for influencers, social media Platforms helps them entertain people and earn a living out of showcasing their skills. Thus, social media has become crucial to our daily lives. As is common knowledge, growing on social media is difficult and takes a lot of effort. Juggling social media along with other important things is stressful. Hence, several social media management tools have come into existence. Here is the Full Article, Zoho Social Vs MeetEdgar.

Zoho Social and MeetEdgar are two popular social media management tools helping bloggers, influencers, and brands. These tools encourage people to leverage them and get the best out of social media. But, which is better and which should you opt for? We have brought to you this detailed guide, which makes comparisons to help you get the best. Thus, let us get started with the guide and get the most out of social media.


Before we start making comparisons, let us have a brief look at what Zoho Social and Meet Edgar are.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social - Zoho Social vs MeetEdgar

Zoho Social has its own social media management tool with exceptional scheduling and management features. The wide range of services offered makes it a great catch for the offered price. Zoho Social’s software makes it easier to work as a team.

The software has a browser extension to help you create exceptional content on the go. Additionally, you can integrate your Ads accounts to analyze the performance of each and manage them. The CRM integration feature and collaboration features are additional benefits offered by Zoho Social.


Meet Edga

MeetEdgar is an exceptional social media management tool that helps you automate your social media posts. You can create posts in your free time and schedule them through MeetEdgar. The software will keep posting even if you can’t manually schedule. This helps you maintain a constant engagement with your audience.

The software has an extensive library of repurposable content. MeetEdgar scans your planned content and generates exceptional social media content. Hence, you get fresh content for your social media account, even if you are going through a creative block. Moreover, you can keep an eye on your metrics and analyze your social media.

Key Features of Zoho Social and MeetEdgar

Zoho Social and MeetEdgar are exceptional social media management tools that will help you get the best engagement. However, choosing one is necessary. Hence, we will discuss the features of both Zoho Social and MeetEdgar in detail.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social is a complete social media management tool that provides scheduling, monitor, collaborating, and analyzing tools. Zoho Social’s scheduling tool lets you preview your posts, easily reschedule them, and manage your post schedule from a single screen. This means that your scheduling becomes more compact and easier to manage.

You can manually schedule your posts with unique time slots or let Zoho Social’s AI schedule them. The tool selects the time slot when your audience is the most active to get high engagement. With Zoho Social’s tool, you can track brand reviews, mentions, and keywords. The tool helps you discover trends so that you can stay ahead of your competition.

Zoho Social organizes a live stream of your social interactions on a dedicated tab which makes it easier to communicate and engage. Team interactions and discretion is crucial for any task. Zoho Social helps you smoothly collaborate with your teammates. The software helps you set up a content approval system and custom workflow. The collaboration activities can be managed from a single dashboard. Additionally, Zoho Social makes it easier to analyze your social media performance. The metrics and in-depth reports help understand the kind of content the audience wants. This helps to create and post better social media posts.

Thus, you are bound to get more engagement in your future posts. Zoho Social also helps you create custom reports that you can share with your team. You can also schedule and automate the delivery of your analysis reports.


MeetEdgar’s social media management tool is the benchmark of innovation and is aimed at entrepreneurs. You do not need to maintain your to-do list for your social media growth with MeetEdgar. Edgar helps you automate your social media posts on different platforms. Additionally, you can add weekly automation time slots for the repurpose and republish your posts.

This helps maintain your engagement with your audience, even when you are busy.MeetEdgar’s plans offer unlimited scheduled posts so that you can plan and publish your social media campaigns. You can perform all of these scheduling activities from a single dashboard. Thus, you can maintain your professional presence from a compact social media management tool.

Coming up with high-quality and unique social media content gets difficult with time. Often, people run out of post ideas, which highly hampers their social media engagement. MeetEdgar solves this with some simple and additional features. When you come across a post or article you like, you just need to plug in a link. The software will scan the text and automate social media-worthy posts for you.

Edgar offers performance reports after in-depth analysis and tracks your performance history. The social media management tool has several testing methods, link tracking, and other tracking features to give you the best audience-centric posts. MeetEdgar has a customer support team that follows and guides you through the complete setup and strategy process.

Pricing Plans

We have compared the features provided by both software in detail. Now, let us talk about the pricing and check whether these fit your budget or not.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social Pricing

Zoho Social has subscription plans for both businesses and agencies. These plans can be billed annually and monthly. Let us have a look at these plans and their quoted prices.

  • Standard – The standard package is priced at $8.28 per month. Nearly 7 channels for one brand can be linked with your Zoho Social tool. You get the professional dashboard, multi-platform publishing, content scheduling, and publishing calendar tools in the Standard package. User tagging, summary reports, drafts, and Twitter Location are some more features that the Standard package comes with.
  • Professional – The professional package is priced at $20.69 per month and contains all the features in the Standard package. The additional features in the Professional plan include repeat posting, bulk scheduling, media library, and scheduling retweets.
  • Premium – You can get the Premium plan at $31.03 per month, which comes with SmartQ, content approvals, and workflow. Simultaneously, you get lead generation, CRM leads, and generation tools with this plan.


Meet Edgar Pricing

MeetEdgar’s premium content creation and automation service come with two pricing plans. Let us have a look at both the plans, along with their detailed features.

  • Edgar Lite – Edgar Lite is available at $19 per month and is targeted at side hustlers or freelancers. This plan allows three social accounts and unlimited scheduled posts. With the Edgar Lite, you get up to 10 weekly automation and 4 content categories, which makes your social media management easier.
  • Edgar – The Edgar Premium is available at $49 per month and is targeted towards entrepreneurs and small businesses. You can add up to 25 social accounts with this plan and get unlimited scheduled posts. Additionally, you get 1000 weekly automation and unlimited customizable content categories.

Pros And Cons

Zoho Social


  • Can track relevant social conversations and trends.
  • A compact tool providing tools for social media management.
  • Offers publishing, monitoring, and analytical feature.
  • Smooth Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk integrations.
  • Bulk scheduling is possible so that you do not need to put a hold on your work.


  • Cannot customize features.
  • Only weekly or monthly scheduling is allowed.
  • No automatic image resize.
  • The Calendar view does not display published posts.



  • Content can be organized by category.
  • Extensive analysis reports and reviews of posts.
  • Continuous Posting allowed.
  • Extensive Content Library posted on a last-in-first-out basis.
  • Variations can be added to the content library.


  • No direct management of the real conversation.
  • Only one-way control makes teamwork difficult.
  • Allows a single account.
  • Photo resolution is sunk to mobile-friendly resolutions.
  • Cannot post multiple photos in a single Facebook post.


MeetEdgar and Zoho Social are both excellent social media management tools. These tools are widely accepted because of their ease of use and interactive user experience. Most bloggers, influencers, or social media agencies opt for either of these. Several reviews are available for both of these social media tools and the plethora of excellent reviews depict their usefulness.

MeetEdgar is the best social media tool for those who need unique content frequently. It is difficult to come up with high-quality content regularly. The software also has basic social media management tools that help with scheduling and analytics. Thus, MeetEdgar is the featured software for content creators, freelancers, and businesses.

Zoho Social’s in-depth analytics features help businesses gain a competitive edge. With Zoho Social, people can schedule, monitor, and create custom social media reports. The software offers excellent features to help brands engage and keep all of their social media profiles busy. Hence, Zoho Social is the most opted-for software by digital marketing agencies and high-end brands.

To determine which is the best, you need to determine your needs and compare both software. It will help you understand what you need and the features of both Zoho Social and Meet Edgar. Determine which software checks most of the boxes and go for it.

You could try to opt for their free trials or packages, before making your decision. We hope this detailed comparative guide helped you opt for the best social media management tool.


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