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Agorapulse and Sendible are popular social media marketing tools. Most bloggers, influencers, and professional brands opt for these marketing tools to manage and boost their social media growth. With automation, growing on social media is manageable and takes comparatively lesser time. Confused Between Agorapulse vs Sendible, Read this full article.

These social media marketing tools help to keep track of recent trends and assist in staying ahead of the competition. Additionally, these tools perform extensive analysis and provide an in-depth report for the same. This helps you focus on your content and look after what it needs. You can study your account’s metrics and modify your future content to follow the same. The web has several social media marketing tools, but choosing the best is difficult.

Agorapulse and Sensible are both excellent social media marketing tools, but choosing the best is crucial. Hence, we have prepared this extensive guide, making detailed comparisons to help you with your decision-making. So, let’s dive into the guide and check out which is better – Agorapulse VS Sendible.


Before we dive into the detailed features of both the marketing tools, let us get a clear overview of both Agorapulse and Sendible.



Agorapulse was founded in 2011 and has become a popular social media management tool because of its exceptional functionality. The software has a plethora of services, which attract professionals from every niche. You can easily work with your team with Agorapulse’s collaboration tools.

Agorapulse’s superiority is in its easy-to-use interface and smooth functionality. You do not need to keep an eye on each of your social media accounts. Agorapulse has unified features, such as social media inbox, to make social media management easier. You can choose a subscription plan based on your needs and goals.


Sendible- Agorapulse Vs Sendible

Sendible was founded in 2009 and has always posed as a competition to other social media management tools. It believes in the superiority of content for brand awareness and popularity. Hence, It’s social media management tools focus on providing tools for the creation of unique content.

Besides the content creation and management tools, Sendible focuses on providing authentic marketing tools. The company assigns experts from its team to every client. Hence, you get individual attention when you opt for It’s services. These reasons helped Sendible gain its reputation as a top social media management tool.

Key Features of Agorapulse and Sendible

Let us now move on to examine the features of both Agorapulse and Sendible in detail.


Agorapulse is a compact and powerful social media management tool. Agorapulse’s tools are meant to help you dominate social media with your content and management. Managing social media messages, comments, and reviews on different platforms or areas is difficult. Agorapulse’s unified social inbox solves this problem and helps you get more organized.

Social media is dynamic and time is of the essence. With Agorapulse’s publishing tool, you can plan your posts, collaborate, and schedule them for every social media platform. Staying ahead of your competitors is specifically important. Agorapulse’s trends and insights on your brand, along with your competitors’, bails you out of troubled waters. Simultaneously, Agorapulse creates and sends analytical reports that include suggestions one can work on.

Besides these, Agorapulse has a highly responsive customer support team. Surveys suggest that Agorapulse’s customer support team has an average response time of 30 minutes. As for team management, Agorapulse has a dashboard that makes collaboration easier. Experts from the company make sure to check on the clients for the smooth functioning of their social media management tools.


Just like Agorapulse, Sendbile has tools to make collaboration easier. It allows you to integrate multiple social media accounts such as Facebook, Facebook Ads, Google My Business (GMB), LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. The social media management tool also allows the integration of various blogging platforms such as WordPress, Medium, Tumblr, and Blogspot. Are those the only integrations you can do? Well, absolutely not! You can also integrate Canva, Google Analytics, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Slack.

Sendible lets you create unique content and visualize it on every platform before posting it. You can use Canva or their built-in editor for a higher-quality post. You can collaborate with your clients and team to form the best possible content. Thus, it is easier for you to avoid mistakes and post the most appropriate design. It lets you assign conversations to the concerned team for smooth functioning and operation. You can also limit your content’s access to certain users.

Additionally, It offers an analytic and overview report section. You can access your engagement report any time with just a single click. Moreover, you can send custom engagement reports to your clients and keep them updated with frequent emails. Google Analytics is powerful, but Sendible makes it all the better.

Simultaneously, you can also add geotags and first comments with hashtags to your scheduled posts and videos. This helps to leverage social media and get as much engagement as possible. As for team management, Sendible holds regular training webinars, live chat, and has a library of educational articles. Thus, you can get the most out of your social media management tool.

Pricing Plans



Agorapulse Pricing

Agorapulse is available for a 30-day free trial, which does not require a credit card. It has four pricing plans as follows:-

  • Free – This plan is made for individuals who are just starting. You can connect 3 social profiles of a single user. The plan has limited features – scheduling only up to 40 posts per month, no bulk scheduling, or shared calendars. You cannot sync your Twitter and will only get the Facebook ROI calculator.
  • Pro – The Pro plan is created for small teams and is priced at $79 per month. With this plan, you can link up to 10 social profiles of 2 users. This plan offers unlimited monthly scheduled posts, bulk scheduling, 300 active ads per profile, and an analysis report of 1 competitor.
  • Premium – The Premium plan is available at $159 per month and is targeted towards helping agencies and other growing teams. The premium plan allows 20 social profiles and 4 users at most. This plan offers everything that the Pro plan does and some more additional features. You can assign and approve posts, run 600 active ads per profile, detect overlapping messages before it is sent out, get team reports and up to 3 competitor analysis reports.
  • Enterprise – The enterprise package is a custom package and the price depends on the demands. This plan has the most features and allows more than 40 social profiles and eight users. To get an Enterprise plan, you need to contact Agorapulse’s support team.


Sendible Pricing - Agorapulse Vs Sendible

It has both monthly and yearly plans available. Every plans  come with a free 14-day trial. The payment plans include:-

  • Creator – Priced at $29 per month and $25/month (when billed annually), the Creator plan allows one user and six social profiles. This plan supports all the social media platforms, allows 100 sends each day, supports 10 smart queues per plan, and has client dashboards. Moreover, you get a priority inbox and quick reports.
  • Traction – Priced at $89/month and $76/month (billed annually), you can connect up to 24 profiles and 4 users. You get 200 sends per day, 30 smart queues per plan, and assign posts for approval. Moreover, you get a priority inbox and can set up keyword searches.
  • Scale – Priced at $199/month and $170/month (billed annually), you can connect up to 49 profiles and seven users. The plan includes all Traction features and offers 300 sends per day with 70 smart queues per plan. You can also add assets to content libraries and Bitly branded links.
  • Expansion – Priced at $399/month and $340/month (billed annually), you can connect nearly 105 profiles and 15 users. Get custom tag fields and UTM parameters along with all the features in the Scale package.

Pros and Cons



  • If you want to try out the premium social media features, you can opt for the 30-day free trial or the free version.
  • The scheduling and managing post section makes social media easier.
  • Supports almost every known social media platform and integration.


  • Only one active inbox for Instagram.
  • Cannot respond to ad comments and slight lag on the desktop version.



  • Quick response from the customer support team.
  • High-quality and efficient scheduling feature.
  • Available for every social media platform and allows integrations.


  • Mobile app glitches when editing a scheduled post
  • No assistance on the trial plan
  • Delayed customer support and email response


We feel both Agorapulse and Sendible are good social media management tools. It would be best if you could list down your requirements and compare both of these. Sendible focuses on content, whereas Agorapulse focuses on social media as a whole.

If you want a cheaper option, Agorapulse would be the best for you. If you need professional team management tools, Sendible would be the better option, And If you are a beginner, you could opt for Agorapulse and get a hold of its functionalities. However, if you have a large team and are experienced in using these tools, Sendible would be the best for you.

Agorapulse accommodates small-sized and mid-sized businesses. The various plans make it easier. You do not need to break your bank for managing your social media efficiently. However, Sendible’s tools work best for corporate marketing teams and digital agencies.

Sendible’s tools help track the progress made on a clients’ social media profile. You need to think of your needs and align your interests. Compare the two and check which fulfills all or most f your needs. We hope this comparison guide helped you make a decision and choose the best social media management tool for yourself.


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