Varta customized makes Li-ion cell for listening to support

Varta battery for Eargo 5 hearing aid

The cell (shiny cylinder in photo right) has been shaped to fit the contours of the hearing aid and, charged for four hours, the button cell will deliver 16 hours of continuous use.

“Varta has been a partner for Eargo for over six years,” said Eargo engineering head Rory Pynenburg. “With Eargo 5 functionality, it became obvious that we would need more energy density. The switch to lithium-ion not only allows this, but also makes for a much more robust solution with faster, easier charging and a goal of supporting full run-time over several years.”

Varta battery for Eargo 5 hearing aid

Eargo 5 can be controlled via an app.

The battery is produced on a specially-made production line in Germany.

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