US firm appears to be like to Cornwall to step into Europe

Tremough Innovation Centre

“Cornwall offers us an alternative way to access the European technology market without relocating to the city,” according to Progranalog head of UK operations Rob Misselbrook. “We’re paying almost a quarter of what we would for office space in places like London and Oxford, we can rent our office space on a month-by-month basis, and the quality of living in the region is helping us attract some great talent.”

So far it has filled a full-time sales role and part-time marketing role, and is planning to source junior graduates from within and outside the region.

LoadSlammer-ProGrAnalogProgranalog is known by its LoadSlammer brand of high-speed transient load testers, which plug directly into PCBs to test point-of-load power supplies.

For example, its LSP1000 can draw up to 500A with a resolution of 1A, slewing at 3,200A/μs.

It has a partnership with Xilinx and models for Xilinx chip sockets.

“LoadSlammer was designed to test different power management solutions with a consistent testing methodology across multiple platforms,” according to Progranalog. “Determining the appropriateness of a dc-dc power supply has become much harder due to the complexity of newer architectures and the level of integration – non-linear control loops, multi-phase outputs and microcontrollers are standard features within power management solutions today.”

Progranalog (LoadSlammer)

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