TTElectronics and Radwave companion on EM monitoring platform

This technology offers solutions for medical device innovators who are seeking to add new or improved EM capabilities to their medical devices.

The complete navigation system can be customised to accurately track a broad spectrum of minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic devices during surgical procedures with no clear line of sight.

The Radwave electromagnetic tracking platform is an option for tracking surgical instruments that has been designed from the ground up for seamless integration into medical devices and the clinical environment.

The modular platform can be rapidly customised to meet specifications and is highly accurate with a fast-sampling rate using state-of-the-art algorithms and components.

The thin and lightweight field-generating antenna is translucent during fluoroscopy and can be easily customised to accommodate different sensing volumes.

The platform also features a fully encrypted API that is easy to integrate and comes with an open-source SDK.

TT Electronics will support Radwave’s platform by providing complete manufacturing capabilities spanning a range of critical sensor technologies.



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