The place can I watch skateboarding on TV?

Where can I watch skateboarding on TV

In recent years the demand for skateboarding has gradually increased. Initially, it didn’t enjoy this much popularity that we see at the moment. As of now, we see skateboarding in ads, apps, games, movies, and various other places. 

People who love watching skateboard on their TV screens are particular about sports channels they get in their channel lineup. You must consider the fact that cable and satellite channels usually cover all sorts of channels, offer on-demand premium channels as well. There are various options to watch skateboarding online as well – only YouTube has plenty of content to keep you entertained for hours. However, you would need a steady and reliable internet connection to keep the show going. Here is a recommendation from our side, in case you are looking for ISPs: 

In this article, we are going to share some places where you can find and watch skateboarding on your television and online. So, without further delay, let’s get to it: 

What cable channels have Skateboarding?

If you would like to watch skateboarding on your TV screens, the first option would be the channel lineup you get. ESPN organizes Nitro Citrus and Street League Skateboarding matches. The action sports company Thrill One Sports & Entertainment has confirmed to broadcast two new TV events on ESPN. They will be included in the US network giant’s World of X Series. Seems interesting, right?

Some online galleries feature one of the most highly demand skating competitions. There is a collection of everything related to skating that you’ll love to watch. You can watch films and shows from Vans, Element, Girl, Volcom, Birdhouse, and more.

In addition to it, we also have exciting documentaries from the sides of Dakar to Montreal. Understanding the demand that viewers want to watch them in high quality, channels, and online platforms upload skateboarding content in the highest quality possible. 

Here are some films that you will enjoy if you are a skateboard enthusiast: 


It was the first video for a decade in 2017. It was from the team of Tony Hawk Birdhouse Skateboards that dropped it in the form of Jason Hernandez-produced Saturdays.

The Flat Earth

Ty Evan is the skateboard film-making royalty. In 2017, it visualized the talents of Jamie Foy, Cody Lockwood, Jamie Foy, Chase Webb, and Michael Pulizzi. 

Red Bull Skateboarding Presents

It was in 2019 when Red Bull Skateboarding launched its first full-length video as a debut. It later split into three complete parts for Zion Wright, Jamie Foy, and Alex Midler for sending it in 21 minutes to end-to-end mayhem. The condition was that it had to be sent from un-touched skate spots on the planet. 

Bones Brigade

Stacy Peralta’s homage to skateboarding is perhaps the most anticipated documentary in the history of skateboarding. And it would not be wrong if you argue about it. It was the first-ever super team that is as golden as you can think. 

Pretty Sweet

The Pretty Sweet saw the first collaborative production by Girl Skateboards and Chocolate Skateboards, the two sister brands. It was considered to be the high-water mark for the creative output of the Crailtap Empire.


Vans have been here since skateboarding was introduced. However, they released only one full-length video, Propeller. It was released under the name of the Greg hunt industry in 2015. Propeller is a skateboarding tour that gives you an overview of how skateboarding started and how it reached the spot where it is today. 

Furthermore, we are sharing the names of some popular skateboarding YouTube channels that you can watch when you step out: 

  1. Braille Skateboarding | Learn to Skateboard.
  2. Ride Channel.
  3. ThrasherMagazine.
  4. AndrewSchrock | Skateboarding Youtuber.
  5. nikeskateboarding.
  6. Nka Vids Skateboarding.
  7. TransWorld SKATEboarding | Best of Skateboarding.
  8. adidas Skateboarding.

Conclusive Notes

In the above discussion, we have shared a few notable sources of content that will interest skateboarding lovers. Numerous channels cover skateboarding content whether under the sports channels section or documentary films.

You can alternatively find loads of visual content available online if you don’t find anything interesting on TV. We have shared some movies and YouTube channels that specifically talk about skateboarding. 

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