Texas Devices TMCS1107 Corridor-Impact Present Sensor is galvanically remoted

Texas Instruments TMCS1107 Hall-Effect Current Sensor is a galvanically isolated Hall-effect current sensor capable of DC or AC current measurement with high accuracy, excellent linearity, and temperature stability. A low-drift, temperature-compensated signal chain provides < 3% full-scale error across the device temperature range.

The input current flows through an internal 1.8mΩ conductor that generates a magnetic field measured by an integrated Hall-effect sensor. This structure eliminates external concentrators and simplifies design. A low conductor resistance minimizes power loss and thermal dissipation. Inherent galvanic insulation provides a 420V lifetime working voltage and 3kVRMS basic isolation between the current path and circuitry. Integrated electrical shielding enables excellent common-mode rejection and transient immunity.

The output voltage is proportional to the input current with multiple sensitivity options. Fixed sensitivity allows the TMCS1107 to operate from a single 3V to 5.5V power supply, eliminates ratiometry errors, and improves supply noise rejection. The current polarity is considered positive when flowing into the positive input pin. Both unidirectional and bidirectional sensing variants are available. The Texas Instruments TMCS1107 draws a maximum supply current of 6mA, and all sensitivity options are specified over the operating temperature range of –40°C to +125°C.

System Diagram


  • ±1% typical, ±3% maximum, –40°C to 125°C total error
    • ±0.9% sensitivity error
    • 40mA offset error
    • 0.2mA/°C offset drift
    • 0.5% linearity error
  • Multiple sensitivity options
    • TMCS1107A1B/U – 50mV/A
    • TMCS1107A2B/U – 100mV/A
    • TMCS1107A3B/U – 200mV/A
    • TMCS1107A4B/U – 400mV/A
  • Zero drift internal reference
  • Bidirectional and unidirectional current sensing
  • 3V to 5.5V operating supply range
  • 80kHz signal bandwidth
  • 3kVRMS isolation rating
  • Robust 420V lifetime working voltage
  • Safety related certifications
    • UL 1577 component recognition program
    • IEC/CB 62368-1

Block Diagram

more information: https://www.ti.com/product/TMCS1107

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