TDK InvenSense ICP-10125 Stress & Temperature Sensor IC is waterproof

TDK InvenSense ICP-10125 Pressure and Temperature Sensor IC is based on MEMS capacitive technology which provides ultra-low noise at the lowest power. This enables the sensor IC to provide industry-leading relative accuracy, sensor throughput, and temperature stability. This sensor IC can measure pressure differences with an accuracy of ±1Pa. This accuracy enables altitude measurement differentials as small as 8.5cm. The ICP-10125 consumes only 1.3µA at 1Hz and is available in a small footprint 3.55 mm x 3.55 mm x 1.45 mm chimney package with waterproofing gel This gel provides IPx8 waterproofing up to 10ATM. This sensor IC offers an industry-leading temperature coefficient offset of ±0.5Pa/°C and operates within -40°C to 85°C temperature range. Applications include smartwatches, altimeters, and barometers for portable device, home and building automation, and weather forecasting.


  • 30kPa to 110kPa pressure operating range
  • Noise and current consumption:
    • 0.4Pa @ 10.4µA (ULN mode)
    • 0.8Pa @ 5.2µA (LN mode)
    • 3.2Pa @ 1.3µA (LP mode)
  • Pressure sensor relative accuracy:
    • ±1Pa for any 10hPa change over 950hPa to 1050hPa @ 25°C
  • Pressure sensor absolute accuracy:
    • ±1hPa over 950hPa to 1050hPa @ 0°C to 65°C
  • Pressure sensor temperature coefficient offset:
    • ±0.5Pa/°C over 25°C to 45°C @ 100kPa
  • ±0.4C temperature sensor absolute accuracy:
  • -40°C to 85°C temperature operating range
  • I2C host interface at up to 400kHz
  • 1.8V ±5% single supply voltage
  • RoHS and Green compliant

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