Subsequent Apple occasion prone to be digital — iPhone 13 set to be unveiled

Apple‘s anticipated iPhone 13 launch is rumored to take place at an upcoming product event this fall, but don’t expect it to be a return to in-person events.

As noted in Bloomberg’s Power On newsletter (via iMore), Mark Gurman believes the tech giant’s next event will be “another promotional video” for fans to view on Apple’s official website and on YouTube much like the preview WWDC 2021 event. 

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple switched to virtual events after its last in-person product launch in 2019. While many were expecting the tech giant to go back to the norm since Apple employees were set to be back in the office in September, this requirement has now been delayed.

Gurman states it would be “plausible” for Apple to ditch virtual events and return to in-person product launch events, but only if cases of infections were low. While the iPhone 13 announcement is now expected to be delivered the same way the iPhone 12 was revealed, this could be the last time we see a virtual Apple event. 

What to expect at the next Apple event 

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