STM’s Bluetooth LE sensor IDE

STM WiSE Studio

“Featuring a user-friendly and customisable development environment with ready-to-build examples, the new IDE helps both expert and inexperienced users jump-start their projects,” according to the company. “Using WiSE Studio to learn, explore, and build applications and prototypes, developers can take advantage of the Bluetooth LE 5.2 features available in devices such BlueNRG-LP.”

Under the hood is open-source C/C++ development environment Eclipse. The graphical user workspace uses the GNU Arm Toolchain with GCC compiler and GDB/OpenOCD programmer and debugger. Eclipse plug-in software can be found on-line or installed directly from within the WiSE Studio environment.

It supports the integration of BlueNRG SDK packages and includes drivers, libraries and sample code to build IoT nodes – the SDK can also be downloaded, both SDK and IDE are royalty-free.

BlueNRG evaluation kits are supported out-of-the-box – ST lists LSM6DSOX six-axis inertial module with a machine-learning core and finite state machine, LPS22HB pressure sensor and MP34DT05-A digital microphone as eval kit examples. Help is included to implement over-air firmware updates.

For multiple sensors, different network topologies can be chosen: either gateway-centred using BlueNRG-LP’s multiple concurrent connection capabilities, or scalable across any distance and number of nodes with ‘BlueNRG-Mesh’.

The IDE has been created with designers of smart-building, home-automation and location services in mind, according to ST. Examples include: asset tracking, industrial sensor networks, wearables and gaming.

BlueNRG-LP supports 2Mbit/s communications, long-range mode, multiple concurrent connections and mesh networking. Consumption can be as low as 18µA/MHz.

The WiSE product page is here


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