Show Expertise meets SWaP with Litemax evening imaginative and prescient system shows


Distributor Display Technology has a military portfolio which offers a range of displays and embedded PCs which offer military standard computing and certified memory and storage to MIL-STD-810G standards.

The latest addition to its portfolio are displays from Taiwanese manufacturer, Litemax with night vision imaging systems (NVIS).

The displays have an NVIS cap filter on the LED backlight, which enables both day mode (50% brightness off) and night mode.

The NVIS cap filter also operates at lower temperature/power consumption and increases reliability/MTBF, says the company.

The also offer a resistive touch option, a digital light sensor and are equipped with RS232 cable and VR cable.

A choice of display sizes are available: 8.5, 15.6 and 18.5-inches. Other sizes can be available with a nominal NRE charge attached.



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