Shedding Steam: AMD slips in its battle with Intel in new {hardware} survey

According to a recent survey on Steam, AMD has lost some ground to Intel in CPU usage by gamers. Normally AMD maintains a steady 30% share. but saw those numbers drop to 28.41%. The number may not seem like a major loss but, it could be the beginning of a downward trend for AMD. 

AMD’s market share is in the 15% range on the GPU side of things, while Nvidia dominates the market with a massive 76%. Both GPU makers offer high-quality GPU’s with Nvidia’s RTX 3080 and AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT, possibly being the top two GPU’s available today. I would be remiss not to add that Intel offers integrated UHD graphics; its market share was actually down 0.4% and normally hovers around 1% of the market. 

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