Segger provides an IoT working system: emPower OS


Segger emPower OS

“The emPower OS software package includes all core components: RTOS, GUI and file System, and communication software: TCP/IP, USB device, USB host and Modbus, as well as IoT Toolkit, security and compression modules,” according to the company.

Portable between microcontrollers, the code supports “all popular microcontrollers and microprocessors in the market and provides an out-of-the-box experience for close to 1,000 devices”, said Segger, which has not provided a list.

emPowerOS’ package includes: emWeb web server, IoT Toolkit library collection, emNet IP stack, emUSB-Host, emUSB-Device, emModbus protocol, emWin GUI creator, emSSL secure connector, emSSH secure log-in library, emSecure digital signatures, emCrypt crypto-library, emFile ‘fail-safe’ file system, emCompress data compressor for storage and transfer, embOS priority-controlled real-time operating system.

The company is marketing the OS as a hedge against the current chip shortage.

“Available hardware support enables abstraction of the application from the used microcontroller,” it said. “This means being able to switch the hardware without completely rewriting the software. Software development is simplified to switching a few drivers, adapting the remaining direct hardware accesses and testing functionality. In addition the exchange of cloud providers is easy, because emPower OS may interfaces to all popular cloud providers.”

It is offered as source code under a perpetual license model with a one-time cost. “The customer always owns the product license,” said Segger. “As part of the Embedded Studio Pro package, emPower OS is offered in object code.”

The emPower OS product page is here


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