Ricoh Digital Units Firm R1810 600nA IQ Increase DC/DC Converters

Ricoh Electronic Devices Company R1810 600nA IQ Boost DC/DC Converters are boost DC/DC converters featuring a typical start-up voltage of 0.35V. Ricoh R1810 is designed for electrical power storage devices, especially 1-cell photovoltaic (PV) energy harvesters. The R1810 can start up with 9µW, making it ideal for charging a 1-cell PV element. R1810 can be used in a system working under a low-illuminance environment.


  • Low quiescent current [600nA typical (IQ_VOUT)]
  • High efficiency (66% at IOUT = 5μA)
  • Startup with low input energy, 9μW (low illuminance)
  • Built-in maximum power point control function


  • Energy harvesting modules, especially 1-cell PV
  • Thermoelectric power generation


  • 0.35V typical start-up voltage
  • 0.2V to 2.1V input voltage range
  • 2.3V to 4.5V output voltage range
  • ±5.0% output voltage accuracy
  • Input power good function
  • Output power good function

Application Schematic

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