ReRAM built-in with an OTS selector.

Weebit Nano claims to have created the industry’s first commercial integration of an oxide-based ReRAM (OxRAM) cell with an ovonic threshold switching (OTS) selector, a critical step in the company’s commercialisation path for the discrete memory market.

This is a significant step towards broadening Weebit’s target market beyond embedded non-volatile memory to include discrete memory technology, and will enable the implementation of 3D memory stacking and crossbar architectures in future developments.

Weebit and its development partner CEA-Leti achieved this key milestone three months ahead of Weebit’s previously announced schedule.

A selector is a key element of a memory chip, enabling optimised cell access within a memory array. It assists in isolating memory cells so only the specific cells that should be accessed are, and all the other cells are not impacted.

In the embedded space, a transistor is typically used as the selector device, but a transistor does not support the densities required for discrete chips.

OTS is an ideal selector technology for discrete ReRAM chips as it enables the smallest ReRAM bit cell, as small as 4F2, as well as  excellent endurance, low energy consumption, and high switching speed.

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