Relativity Area declares new manufacturing unit headquarters


Relativity Space announces new factory headquarters

It has taken on a new, one million square foot headquarters factory at the Goodman Commerce Center, Long Beach, a former Boeing C-17 manufacturing plant.

The company describes it as one of the largest headquarters in the private space industry, with capacity for 2,000+ employees, a metallurgical laboratory, DMLS printers, a mission control center. There will also be dozens of the its proprietary Stargate 3D printers, it says, the largest metal 3D printers in the world.

“Relativity is at the forefront of an inevitable shift to software-driven manufacturing, and the opportunity to re-imagine this facility for the future of aerospace is incredibly exciting,” said Tim Ellis, CEO and co-founder of Relativity.

“Securing this space for Relativity Headquarters, which is now one of the largest facilities in private space, right here in Long Beach, is key for scaling out our Terran R programme, while also continuing to tap into the unparalleled talent here to join us on our mission.”

Relativity currently employs 450 people – across its Long Beach, Vandenberg, Seattle, Washington D.C., Stennis, and Cape Canaveral locations – and says it is on track to hire 200 additional employees by the end of the year.

Terran R

In June, Relativity Space announced plans for its Terran R, a fully reusable, entirely 3D-printed launch vehicle. This would be made with the Stargate printers.

The company describes Terran R as a two-stage, 216-foot-tall rocket with a 16-foot diameter, and a 5-meter payload fairing

Terran R will be designed to be entirely reusable and capable of launching 20,000 kg to low Earth orbit (LEO).


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