Prime 10 Alternate options To AnyDesk You Should Attempt in 2021


Alternatives To AnyDesk

When you work in a team or have all of your families’ documents stored on your computer, times will arise when someone will have to access your computer when you are not available in front of it. That is where Remote Desktop Software (RDS) such as AnyDesk and its alternatives can come in handy. 

Remote Desktop Software is a technology that grants its users access to a specific computer from any location as if they were physically in front of it themselves. Using the software, they can perform a plethora of tasks, just as they could if they were using the computer in person. RDS has completely changed the game in IT industries and the advanced working of business functions in this technologically advanced world. The software programs have been an important addition in increasing work efficiency and therefore customer satisfaction. 

Here are the top 10 best AnyDesk alternative sites to choose from and find the best-suited fit for your brand:


TeamViewer: Alternative To AnyDesk 

TeamViewer is software designed to connect personal computers, phones, and servers remotely to each other. Their dependable features allow its user to fix any issues of your customers from your office or home without needing to be there physically.

It is a software like AnyDesk and is available as a mobile application as well.  The setup for TeamViewer is a tad bit complex, however, is the application is easy to use and functional. 

The software offers a range of sophisticated features similar to those given by a site like Anydesk such as real-time sound and HD video transmission, file transfers in both directions, and enterprise grande encryption protocols plus two-factor authentication. 

As one of the AnyDesk alternatives, TeamViewer emphasizes a wider range of remote control software features than software like AnyDesk such as connection to multiple computers at the same time, integrated service desk, uses VoIP. 

The application is free to use, not as a site like AnyDesk, for personal use but you do have to buy a subscription to use it for your business. 

TeamViewer offers A 14 day free trial of the business version.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop: AnyDesk Alternative

Chrome Remote Desktop is Google’s official remote desktop program for its proprietary browser. The host can then be connected to the client at any time but the user does not need to be logged in with Google to connect. 

While Chrome Remote Desktop offers enterprise-grade performance and accessibility, the mobile application does not provide the same level of functionality as the desktop.

This does limit your ability to use this AnyDesk alternative from your mobile devices. Just like the software AnyDesk, the application works with Mac, Windows, and Linux. 

It is built on Google’s secure infrastructure using the latest open web technologies such as WebRTC so you can be safe and secure in the process.

This software like AnyDesk is free to use, making it an affordable option, however, it may not suit business usage. 

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop: AnyDesk Alternative

Microsoft Remote Desktop is among the most notable free alternatives to AnyDesk as it is widely known and simple to navigate. One of its drawbacks is that it is more limited with its functions than a site like AnyDesk. 

The software works similarly to its predecessor on the list, Chrome Remote Desktop, it is simply installed on your laptop or mobile phone. This will grant you an instant connection to your devices and establish remote access, with audio and video streaming just like with AnyDesk.

A great advantage with Microsoft Remote Desktop is that you do not require a Google Chrome Installation to use the software on Windows devices. 

This software like AnyDesk can help remote access to desktops be smoother, however, its functionality is limited. For example, you can only create a connection profile or find an existing one to connect to. The site can also be inflexible as it does not allow you to change the settings or experience themes. 

Parallels Access

Parallels Access: AnyDesk Alternative

Parallels Access is one of the greatest AnyDesk alternatives that are effective at establishing access from a mobile device. This software is designed especially for remote computer access from a mobile device and its mobile application is highly functional.  

Parallels Access, a site like AnyDesk, offers a unique and user-friendly mobile interface with full-screen applications. It also supports iPad multitasking as well as with Samsung DeX and S Pen. AnyDesk is not just a mobile application but it features a compatible mobile application as well for its users. 

This software’s mobile application has a modified and mobile-friendly version of Remote Desktop Software rather than just showing the desktop screen in a miniature version like some software do. The site does allow connections for computers, however, it is catered towards mobile phones. 

With similar features to software like AnyDesk such as file transfer, session chat, and screen-sharing, it does not allow the user to connect to a computer with a mobile device as AnyDesk does. It also does not offer Smart Card authentication.

Parallels Access does have a free trial of the software available.


Splashtop: AnyDesk Alternative

Remotely support your clients’ computers and provide them with remote access with this low-priced, easy, and one of the most secure AnyDesk alternatives, Splashtop. 

They offer multiple versions of the software suited for different purposes such as personal use, business use, school, and classroom use along with enterprise use. So the pricing depends on the version of the software. 

It shares several features with a site like AnyDesk such as remote printing, chat, and session logging. Splashtop’s unique features include multi to multi-monitor support, drag and drop file transfer, and auto-login. Another stand-out feature not provided by software like AnyDesk is Active Directory integration. 

A free trial of Splashtop is available. 


AirDroid: AnyDesk Alternative

AirDroid is an all-in-one multi-screen and file-sharing software that lets its users access many devices simultaneously while supporting numerous operating systems. 

This is one of the AnyDesk alternatives, that allows you to pick up calls and send messages from a desktop by using the mobile application. It also includes features such as phone screen recording and screen sharing with customizable settings.

AirDroid allows its users to make or receive calls on the computer. It supports notification sharing on all connected devices well as a secure backup for phones and computer devices. 

The software like AnyDesk is for personal use, suitable for home offices but also offers another option with AirDroid Business. The business version includes features such as two-step verification for extra safety, an admin console, and other remote control features. 

A 14 day free trial of the AirDroid business is available. 

VNC Connect

VNC Connect

VNC Connect is a remote access software that is optimized for both commercial and personal use. Software like Anydesk can also be helpful for corporations who need to monitor their employee’s computers. 

The software decreases the need for remote support documentation and specialized training. It is fairly easy to use without a large learning curve. All you need to do is download the software on the computer that you wish to remotely control and on the host computer. The two software will instantly sync with each other. 

With VNC Connect, you can mitigate risk by anticipating and preventing system failures. And also eliminating the risks posed with on-site services. This reduces downtime and improves both employee and customer satisfaction. 

A free trial of VNC Connect is available. The home version is free for up to 5 computers and 3 users. The professional version costs $40 f0r each remote computer per year with more features. The Enterprise version includes all the available features at $55 per remote computer per year. 

SolarWinds Dameware Remote Everywhere

SolarWinds Dameware Remote Everywhere

SolarWinds DRE is an all-in-one remote computer access solution with a wide range of features. While software like AnyDesk does not specify connection speed. DRE is known to establish active sessions typically in less than eight seconds, saving your and your clients’ precious time. 

A site like AnyDesk is a secure remote access tool. However, DRE uses advanced AES-256 encryption protocols. Both the software include multi-factor authentication options.

This AnyDesk alternative can establish a connection with your users through in-session or pre-session communication. It uses VoIP or initiating video calls. AnyDesk doesn’t include VoIP or initiating video calls. The two sites do have similarities such as keeping track of communications to safe and easily searchable session logs. 

DRE is designed to grow with your business and adjust with each step. However, it is software with many features. This may not be ideal for someone wanting a basic remote access software like AnyDesk.



AeroAdmin allows its users to get remote support almost immediately, no advanced setup is required. Their free software includes encrypted remote connections by ID and direct IP address, contact book, multiple monitors support, screen recording, an SOS button, and unattended access, similar to a site like AnyDesk. Many companies and businesses use this AnyDesk alternative. Companies that wish to have their information embedded in the software system. At the moment, the software does not have features like remote computer sound or an in-app chat like AnyDesk does, however, the SOS button comes in handy if needed to talk to the operator at any time. 



You can get to your desktop at the speed of light with NoMachine. This is one of the AnyDesk alternatives which is providing the fastest remote desktop services on the market right now. 

Control any computer in the world and work on it as if it was physically in front of you. Supported Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems. 

The software’s enterprise option gives the employees the freedom to work from anywhere. It allows organizations to securely deliver to any device. It is suitable for companies of all sizes and they also provide support services with their subscription packages.

NoMachine is free for individual use. 


Hopefully, this comprehensive list of the ten best alternatives to AnyDesk could aid you in making a decision in choosing the Remote Desktop Service best suited for the needs and requirements of your brand. All the software like AnyDesk on this list is suitable for beginners as well as experts in the business.  Most of these sites are highly scalable. These sites could be helpful for small companies as well as large ones. Make sure of the free trials offered by this software to choose one that is right for you. 


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