Pixel 6 will make me abandon OnePlus as soon as and for all — Here is why

If Pixel 6 rumors hold true, then come this fall, I’ll bid adieu to OnePlus and return to the arms of Google. For some background, I’ve bounced between the two brands for the better part of six years after my OG brand of choice, LG, stopped making compelling products (before fleeing the market altogether). My journey started with a Nexus 6P and I’ve flip-flopped ever since, most recently landing on the OnePlus 9

I typically use a phone for several years before upgrading, but everything I’m reading about the Pixel 6 has me excited to jump ship on my OnePlus 9 voyage much sooner than I had anticipated. Returning to Google has little to do with the shortcomings of the OnePlus 9 — I gave it a 4.5-star rating and dubbed it the best phone under $750. What has me closely eyeing the Pixel 6 are aspects of a phone that are most important to me, as well as a less quantifiable allure.

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