Paktron Capacitors indicators distribution settlement with New Yorker Electronics


Paktron’s range of low ESR MLP capacitors, metalised polypropylene capacitors and film/foil polypropylene capacitors will be available at some of the shortest lead times available today, says New Yorker Electronics.

Paktron Capacitors holds over 75 patents for film capacitors and machine design. Its portfolio includes the Angstor miniature radial-leaded capacitor, the Capstick lead-frame capacitor, the Surfilm surface mount chip capacitor and the Quencharc capactor, claimed to be the oldest trademark for resistor-capacitor (RC) snubber networks. The company produces MLP film capacitors for automotive, commercial, hi-rel, military, space and telecommunications.

The company developed the Interleaf technology for capacitor manufacturing which is claimed to improve a device’s electrical properties and stability. in actual-use conditions. The method uses a high laminating pressure and linear stacking to produce a hybrid that resembles a multi-layer ceramic capacitor in a cross-section view but with the advantages of a stacked plastic film capacitor.



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