OemSecrets – Invoice of Supplies (BOM) Administration Instrument Product Replace


Since oemsecrets.com‘s last update, they’ve made some big changes to enhance the BOM Tool. Along with a new look, registration is no longer required to create and edit BOMs. They’ve added metrics such as price differences (target price vs best market price) to help you to make purchasing decisions. They’ve also revamped how you manage your BOMs giving you options to refresh data and duplicate BOMs.

It’s simple and easy to upload a list of parts and get the best price from each distributor. You can either upload a list of parts from a .csv, .xls or .xlsx file or add parts line by line.

  • No login is required and free to use
  • Upload your parts list to find the distributors with the best price
  • Add multiple parts to a distributor’s cart with a single click

UPLAOD a BOM for free

Other features include:

  • Refresh distributor data for your BOM for the latest pricing and stock
  • Store, view, and duplicate historic BOMs
  • Export your BOM data to Excel / CSV
  • Apply distributor preferences to suit your purchasing requirements
  • Get the best price based on your stock requirements or the lowest price
  • Add multiple parts to a distributor’s cart
  • Include a target price to view cost savings
  • Choose your currency and set your country preferences


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