Microchip’s 1,700V SiC mosfets


Microchip 1700V SiC mosfets

Features include gate oxide stability, according to the company, which “observed no shift in threshold voltage even after 100,000 pulses in repetitive un-clamped inductive switching [R-UIS] tests. R-UIS tests also indicated avalanche ruggedness and stability in other parameters.

They also have a “degradation-free body diode”, said Microchip, which can replace an external diode. Short-circuit withstand capability is “comparable to IGBTs”.

Applications are foreseen in two-level charger topologies, displacing IGBTs for heavy vehicles, electric buses and other battery-powered commercial vehicles.

“System developers in the transportation segment are continuously asked to fit more people and goods into vehicles that cannot be made larger,” said Microchip v-p of discrete products Leon Gross. “One of the ways to help achieve this is through the reductions in size and weight of power conversion equipment.”

To go with the transistors are digital programmable gate driver designs, branded AgileSwitch.

Silicon carbide SPICE simulation models compatible with Microchip’s Mindi analogue simulator are available to model switching characteristics before committing to hardware, and a configuration tool produces settings for the AgileSwitch gate drivers.

As well as commercial vehicle charging, the company is expecting use in auxiliary power systems, solar inverters and solid-state transformers.


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