Making an attempt to drive a Cuk rectifier mosfet pt2

EinW Cuk synchronous drive LTspice circuit

And the results are not good.

The voltage across the capacitor simulating the mosfet gate capacitance is not getting close enough to the oV rail to turn off the mosfet properly – my misunderstanding of the upper pnp action.

Speeds are good though – click on this black rectangle to see the curves. (I can’t seem to stop LTspice from using the whole width of the screen, even in a small window).

EinW Cuk synchronous drive LTspice waveform

  • Green = upper base drive
  • Blue = bases of lower follower pair
  • Red = capacitor voltage

The transistors are LTspice’s generic npn and pnp – I could not see a way to pick a 2N2222 or 2N2906.

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