M1 MacBook guarantee prices get slashed — AppleCare+ simply received cheaper


AppleCare+ coverage plans got slashed for M1-equipped MacBooks. The extended warranty for the new M1 MacBook Air dropped to $199 from $249. The M1 MacBook Pro also got a price cut; AppleCare+ coverage for the zippy, well-received laptop now costs $249, down from $269.

If you have an Intel-based MacBook and you’re wondering whether you, too, will get a discount, it depends. That sweet $199 price tag applies to both Intel and M1 MacBook Air models. However, if you own an Intel-equipped Pro, you’re out of luck. The AppleCare+ cost for that laptop is still $269 (via MacRumors).

Apple slashes AppleCare+ coverage for M1 MacBooks


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