Gadget E book: Understanding Infrastructure Edge Computing


Gadget Book: Understanding Infrastructure Edge Computing

Written by Alex Marcham – who apparently coined the term ‘infrastructure edge computing’ – it’s intended to provide an accessible view of the next generation of internet infrastructure. We’re talking 5G networks, city-scale AI systems, self-driving cars, drones, and industrial robots…

The book covers areas such as distributed application workload operation, infrastructure and application security, and multi-access edge computing (MEC) and fog computing technologies. It also covers use cases and examples of real-world applications depending upon underlying edge infrastructure.

The author additionally considers why Internet infrastructure has evolved to where it stands today and where it could needs to go in the near future.

The publishers write:

“This book provides a thorough understanding of the growth of internet infrastructure from its inception to the emergence of infrastructure edge computing. Author Alex Marcham, an acknowledged leader in the field who coined the term ‘infrastructure edge computing,’ presents an accessible, accurate, and expansive view of the next generation of internet infrastructure. The book features illustrative examples of 5G mobile cellular networks, city-scale AI systems, self-driving cars, drones, industrial robots, and more—technologies that increase efficiency, save time and money, and improve safety.”

Note however, it is priced at £102, so is aimed at the professional reader. One with access to company expenses, in this case, I imagine.

To define terms, Wiley describes “infrastructure edge computing” as follows:

Infrastructure edge computing is the model of data center and network infrastructure deployment which distributes a large number of physically small data centers around an area to deliver better performance and to enable new economical applications.


The book’s author is Alex Marcham, who is described as having been involved with most elements of edge infrastructure design and deployment, as well as the architecture and development of “key use cases for this tier of Internet infrastructure”.

He has worked at numerous companies and on open source projects helping develop edge computing, says Wiley.

In terms of sample content, you can read the table of contents here, the index here and the first page of the introduction here.

Understanding Infrastructure Edge Computing details

Title: Understanding Infrastructure Edge Computing: Concepts, Technologies, and Considerations
Author: Alex Marcham
Publisher: Wiley
Date: May 2021
Pages: 352
Price: £102.00
ISBN: 978-1-119-76323-9
Formats: Paper, e-book


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