Finest Amazon Fireplace Tablets of 2021

Amazon is always updating their colorful line of tablets, and deciding which Fire should light up your life remains just as difficult as ever. Yes, the Fire 7’s insanely low price of $49 is alluring, but is that a better value than the $89 Fire HD 8? Is the $149 Fire HD 10‘s screen really worth paying three times the price of the Fire 7? 

In May of 2021 Amazon released the Fire HD 10 Plus to add to Amazon’s tablet lineup. The Fire HD 10 Plus comes with an Octa-Core CPU, 4GB of RAM, 1080p display,  wireless charging, and you can choose between 32GB or 64GB of internal storage. The Fire HD Plus costs $179, basically for an extra $30 you get more RAM and Wireless charging. We will update further once we review it.

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