Fb is launching Ray-Ban good glasses — however they could fail to fulfill your expectations


Facebook knows that engineering a pair of avant-garde smart glasses isn’t sufficient enough to get the masses to jump on the eyewear-tech bandwagon — it needs to look good, too. That’s why the social network giant is collaborating with Ray-Ban, a popular sunglasses manufacturer.

However, according to CNET, Facebook is shying away from calling its forthcoming stylish smart shades an augmented reality (AR) device. Andrew Bosworth (Facebook’s head of AR/VR) said the company is more focused on launching a product that makes users more “present” as opposed to creating new ways for people to digitally interact with their environment.

The Facebook x Ray-Ban smart glasses launch date may be closer than we think

In early January, we reported that Facebook planned to launch its smart glasses in 2021. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg substantiated these claims during an earnings call by announcing that its smart shades will be the next product it will push to market — and it’s coming this year.

Facebook smart glasses

Facebook smart glasses (Image credit: Snappa)

“Looking ahead here, the next product release will be the launch of our first smart glasses from Ray-Ban in partnership with Essilor Luxottica. The glasses have their iconic form factor, and they let you do some pretty neat things. I’m excited to get these into people’s hands and to continue to make progress on the journey towards full augmented reality glasses in the future,” Zuckerberg said.


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