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Siglent SPS5000X ac-dc psu

Called the SPS5000X series, there are 10 different single output versions, three dual output and three triple output – see table below. Multi-output models have isolated output that can be mixed and matched in series and in parallel.

All models are equipped with a 2.4in OLED display and an integrated web server enables the devices to be configured using their web interface, without the need to install any software in the computer or tablet used for programming.

As well as constant voltage and constant current modes, there is a constant output power mode.

“The integrated list function supports up to 50 individual steps for the sequenced output of voltage or current patterns,” according to the company. “In addition to the dwell time and the slope, each step can also be programmed with a user-defined switch-on delay. The lists can be created on the control panel, in the web interface or by importing list sequence files in CSV format from a USB storage device or the web interface.”

Priority modes for current and voltage are available.

In ‘current mode’, possible in-rush current over-shoots are limited to protect the test object. In ‘voltage mode’, the priority is to reach the set output voltage as quickly as possible.

“Another feature is the device’s adjustable output resistance: If the device is used to test battery-operated products, this can be used to examine the behaviour of the device-under-test when it ages or when different types of batteries are used,” said Siglent.

Protection modes inculde over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature and maximum power limit. Then an internal output discharge circuit has been implemented to discharge external capacitors and also speed output fall when a reduction is commanded.

SPS5000X models:

Single channel

  • 40V 30A 360W
  • 40V 60A 720W
  • 40V 90A 1080W
  • 50V 10A 180W
  • 80V 15A 360W
  • 80V 30A 720W
  • 80V 45A 1080W
  • 160V 7.5A 360W
  • 160V 15A 720W
  • 160V 22.5A 1080W

Dual channel

  • 2x 40V 30A 360W
  • 2x 80V 15A 360W
  • 2x 160V 7.5A 360W

Three channel

  • 3x 40V 30A 360W
  • 3x 80V 15A 360W
  • 3x 160V 7.5A 360W

All models are 124mm tall and 418mm deep, then widths vary with power across 71, 142, 214, 142 or 214mm.

The SPS5000X series data sheet is here


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