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Spotify Tips And Tricks

No matter which social media platform it is that you want to promote your art on, having the right marketing mix for maximum engagement with your audience is of utmost importance. When it comes to music, Spotify is the ultimate platform for promotion. Here are Tips and Tricks for gaining more engagement on Spotify? Let us help you out.

We have curated this list of the best tips and tricks to grow and get engagement on Spotify!

Create a “Spotify for Artists” profile


A great deal of Spotify promotion can easily be done on Spotify itself and there are a couple of features provided that can assist you with doing this. The primary thing you need to do is ensure you have your artist’s profile created and verified. We’ve seen a couple of occurrences where individuals have uploaded their music to Spotify, yet they haven’t claimed their profile. This can be a major setback.

The Spotify for Artists segment furnishes you with the capacity to update your artist’s profile, oversee audio and video promotions and view the details about your tracks.

Always keep in mind, that your profile is a direct reflection of who you are as an artist. So make sure all your information and pictures are updated and in sync with your brand. Once you are all set with this, you can go on to look at some of the crucial tricks to build Spotify tips and tricks for engagement.

Spotify Followers

With regards to organic Spotify advancement, the deciding factor for how well your audio performs is the number of your Spotify followers. There’s a couple of simple reasons why followers are significant, and these boil down to how your music gets pushed all through the Spotify universe. Most prominently in these three fundamental areas:

Release Radar – This is a customized weekly playlist that groups new tracks depending on followed artists and listening history. So if you’ve figured out how to get followed by your fans, you’ll probably appear in their release radar playlists. Discover Weekly – this shows up in the discover segment of the Spotify application and on the home tab each Monday.

New release mails – On Fridays, Spotify conveys a new release email to clients, which features up to 10 new releases from artists they follow. These should be enough to show you the importance of Spotify followers and how they are vital to your growth on the platform. They are also responsible for increasing your credibility and legitimacy.

Next, let us help you with some tips to effectively increase your followers.

  • Grow Your Spotify Followers

So you realize that followers are crucial for your Spotify image, but how can you get more followers?

  • There are many things that you can be doing. Following are some of the basic tips to gain more followers:
  • Insert the follow button on your site – Putting the follow button on your site is an extraordinary method to change visitors over to followers.
  • Email broadcast – Send a message out to your email list requesting that they follow you. Clarify the advantages of following an artist. You’d be shocked to know just how many users do not use the following feature.

Advance via social media – Send out similar messages on all your social accounts. Request that individuals follow. Don’t simply share your tracks and then keep waiting for streams. Actively ask your listeners to follow and like your tracks. Always keep in mind that engagement is as, if not more, important as streams. So you must focus on gaining engagement across the platform.

Playlist Pitching

Playlist pitching is a significant aspect of your music marketing strategy, however, it is definitely not the holy grail of it. There are other areas too which need to be given equal importance. This being said, playlist advancement is an incredibly amazing methodology and when done accurately it can dramatically affect your scope and listeners.

To pitch to an official playlist or editorial playlist, more often than not your track should be new, though this isn’t the situation for the unofficial ones which are created by independent playlist curators. Playlists that are generated by Spotify’s algorithms cannot be pitched to. So your best bet would be to request individual curators to include your music in their playlists or create tracks so good that the official curators will be compelled to add them to their playlists once you send your music to them.

Utilize the Canvas Feature

It’s an extraordinary method of adding greater engagement to your music, and the analytics mirror this. Spotify claims that adding a high-quality visual has expanded track shares by 200%, as well as expanding artist profile visits, streams, and shares – all fundamental pieces of your Spotify growth technique.

As an artist you will be permitted to share your Canvas work of art directly to Instagram Stories, redirecting people to Spotify to listen to your music. However, Canvas is still in the beta stage and you will be required to fill out a form to be able to try it out.

Add Your Own Lyrics

Another element that has been added very recently is the feature to have your track’s lyrics shown on Spotify. You can make use of either Musixmatch or Genius to use this feature. Functionality is a bit more increased with Musixmatch where you can sync up your lyrics in time with your track so they can get displayed on the app at the same time. Keep in mind that both these services require you to have a verified account on Spotify.

Curate Your Own Playlists

It’s good to try and get featured on other peoples’ playlists, but along with that, why not create your own as well? As an artist, your fans would definitely like to check out the kind of music you would put on your own playlist.

It’s also an incredible chance to build connections with different artists in your category. As you put your playlist together, you can also take this opportunity to reach out to the artists that you have featured on your playlist. They might just turn out to be playlist curators themselves and decide to feature you on theirs. Basically, it gets your name about and fabricates some significant connections – something you will discover to be priceless in your music promotion endeavors.

Advertise New Releases Using Artist’s Pick

The artist’s pick segment on your profile can be an incredible method of highlighting music to your fanbase. Regardless of whether it is your most recent release, a collection you have been appreciating, or one of your number one playlists. You can likewise put a short message stating why you’ve picked this. It’s an incredible method to additionally draw in with your fans and advance yourself.

Utilize Spotify Ad Studio

Spotify Ad Studio is a promoting stage that permits you to make and manage your own advertisements that show up on the streaming stage. You can get explicit with your targeting, choosing to target followers of a specific artist, or target followers of your music genre.

This is the place where you can truly understand your audience, as it permits you to target them substantially more successfully. This is the place where your Facebook Audience tool can truly prove to be useful. trying out different combinations there can assist you with improving comprehension of what ages and genders are probably going to be in your music.

Spotify Marketing Tools and Features

There are endless tools and promotion features that have been created to assist you with showcasing your music on Spotify and other stages. These include music promotion services intended to assist you with giving you deep insights into your audience and performance, those intended to assist you with connecting with famous playlists and their curators, to the more controversial services intended to increase your followers and streams on Spotify. When you have a decent essential understanding of how to advance yourself, you can add these in with the Spotify tips and tricks for marketing mix.

Collaborate With Artists

Collaboration is one of the most effective growth strategies on Spotify and every other social media platform. A decent collaboration exposes the two artists to each other’s fanbase and can be advantageous for both. Being named on a track on Spotify tips and tricks will permit fans to click straight on your name and see what else you’ve done. Always make sure that whatever collaboration you’re doing, fits your brand’s image well. the story behind your collaboration should line up well with the image that you have spent so much time creating.

Joint efforts can come in a wide range of types as well – it doesn’t have to be featured on someone else’s track, it can be being featured on someone else’s playlist, sharing each other’s music on an Instagram story, or even making use of the Artist’s pick as mentioned earlier


If you consider all these tips when designing your marketing mix, you can be assured of getting maximum engagement on Spotify with these tips and tricks.


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