EA Play Stay 2021: Useless House, Battlefield Portal and extra



EA Play Live 2021 is officially over.

Issac is back in the suit for this Dead Space remake coming to PS5, Xbox Series X and PC.


Portal will be available at launch.

Confirmed: You cannot play as a penguin with a flamethrower.

There’s even an advanced logic editor for people to mess with.

Battlefield Portal gives players the freedom to mix and match content from a bunch of different Battlefield games to create new game modes.

The new Battlefield 2042 trailer showcases a community-led game mode that introduces custom game modes, including defibrillators vs. knives. It’s called Battlefield Portal.

Battlefield 2042 is up! — I just saw the letter “A”

Season 2 launches July 27 — I just saw the letter “B”

Knockout City Season 2: Fight at the Movies is coming, featuring a bunch of film-themed costumes and maps.

Knockout City is up!

Lost in Random launches on September 10 on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

There are six realms of Random that the player will travel across to save her sister, Odd.

We’ve got some gameplay footage, showcasing dice battles in Lost in Random. It looks like an action adventure game comboed with a deck-based card game. It’s very reminiscent of that one Kingdom Hearts game.

Lost in Random is being showcased now. Let’s see what’s new.

There’s going to be an additional gameplay trailer for Seer on July 26.

Apex Legends Emergence introduces ranked arenas, a new weapon: Rampage LMG and a major map update to World’s Edge. The update drops on August 3.

It’s actually Apex Legends Emergence — I can’t spell. Seer is an enemy tracker and he has a bunch of drones that can hunt down enemies. He’s a stealth-oriented Legend.

Apex Legends Immergence is announced — not exactly sure what it is yet, but the map is fire.

Apex Legends takes the floor. I just saw an “S” by the way.

The only hint we got so far is that it’s an underdog story. You’ll have access to plenty of new vehicles, including multi-class mixed racing.

It looks like that there’s real people in these cutscenes. You’re watching a movie and playing a game. Grid Legends launches 2022.

Grid Legends is a new game being launched by Codemasters.

We’re getting a showcase of Codemaster games, including F1and Dirt.

There’s a “T”

There will be secret letters all across the show: I spotted an “I” so far.

The show has finally begun!

This Apex Legends trailer is sick, introducing the newest Legend to the roster.

There’s some news about additions to FIFA heroes. I don’t know anything about football, but more content can’t be bad.

That was a pretty cool FIFA trailer, not going to lie

The real show kicks off in roughly 13 minutes, but they’re reshowing trailers we’ve already seen, like Lost in Random.

It’s actually a Sims 4 expansion! Japanese Breakfast is in the Sims now. It’s called Cottage Living, and it is out today.

The show is live! Kicking off with a Japanese Breakfast song.

The show is going to start soon and EA is roping people in with the promise of free codes.

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WWE’s Austin Creed is hosting the event, and he is hyped.

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