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Alive Weight Loss -Review

Full disclosure before getting into this article – I have always been conscious of what I eat and have been trying to lose weight. However, it has been more than six months since me being stuck in one place. It is very annoying to see that efforts are not paid off anymore.

Moreover, embarking on a weight loss journey is difficult and needs a lot of motivation. People try out different diets and workout routines before they find their balance. Many give up their favorite foods for years but do not achieve their weight loss goal even then. 

A large number of people search for quick weight loss pills or products. However, the web has several scam sites and these often do more harm than good. Hence, I was wary of these weight loss products and wanted to do my research before trying any of these products.

One weight loss product that stuck with me is Alive or Try Alive’s Dietary Supplement. In this article, I will share my reviews and thoughts on the product so that you can have enough knowledge about how it works before actually trying it. So, let us get right into it and start your weight loss journey!

What is Alive or Try Alive?

Try Alive- Pills review

Alive is a dietary supplement that helps people burn fat and lose weight straight away. The supplement has been created by experts in a very scientific way, meaning that you will get results irrespective of your age, weight, diet, physical condition, and other factors.

Try Alive has been created keeping in mind the workings of the human brain. Hence, it is one of the most effective weight loss supplements out there.

Does Alive or Try Alive Have Any Certifications?

The US-based company is certified for Good Manufacturing Practices meaning that you would not face any risk from unclean work environments. Moreover, the products are created in an FDA-registered facility. Hence, Alive follows all necessary precautions and fulfills every criterion for the required certifications.

What Ingredients Does Alive Contain, And Is It Safe For Me?

Well, Alive does not reveal its ingredients on its official website but all of the ingredients used have been scientifically proven to help you lose weight. The supplements from Alive include green coffee bean extracts and guarana as per some surveys. Both of these are sources of caffeine which is a proven fat burner.

Studies show that caffeine helps a lot of people achieve their weight goals. The supplements aim to burn fat and support your body’s dopamine production. The ingredients such as caffeine help burn fat by supporting metabolism and increasing the number of calories burned.

Some other ingredients target your body’s dopamine production to help control your cravings. All of the ingredients used in Alive’s supplements are proven to aid in weight loss and have been tested on a large number of people before being released. Hence, Alive’s ingredients will work for you without putting you at the risk of any side effects!

How To Use Alive?

The experts and the makers of Alive’s products recommend having the supplements along with breakfast. This is because the supplements contain caffeine and it is better to consume caffeine at the start of the day.

However, the caffeine in Alive is balanced by the TheaCrine in it so that you do not face any jitters. Hence, with Alive you will get a real boost of energy and will also be able to lose weight very easily.

How is Alive different from Other Supplements?

Most of the weight loss supplements available on the web use stimulants, appetite suppressants, fiber, and other popular ingredients. However, Alive targets your body’s dopamine levels. Consumption of most fast foods and your favorite foods releases dopamine which is crucial for your mood, weight loss, as well as motivation.

Whenever your body is pleased, it produces dopamine which acts as a reward mechanism. Most diet pills do not grasp this point and do not work on increasing or decreasing your body’s dopamine levels. However, this effect of the dopamine level helps in losing weight easily and Alive’s experts have successfully considered this and created their products for you. 

The supplements from Alive target your dopamine level and increase it to give your body the illusion that you are consuming those unhealthy foods or your favorite foods. This means that you are more likely to stick to your normal diet or other diets which would otherwise single-handedly fail.

However, the company does not claim that they increase dopamine levels. Research shows that Alive’s supplement does target your dopamine levels and works on it to help you on your weight loss journey. Hence, Alive’s supplements are different from all the other brands available on the web that generally fail.

Benefits of Using Alive

We have discussed in the previous paragraphs how Alive’s supplement works and how it helps individuals just like you and me on their weight loss journey. Now, let us talk about the benefits one might observe after using Alive’s supplements. 

  • The caffeine extracts would help you stay more active.
  • The weight loss ingredients will help purify/detox your body.
  • Helps your body maintain your dopamine level.
  • Will help you control your cravings.
  • Will prevent you from obesity and other heart-related conditions.
  • Easy to take and stick to as it takes only 5 seconds.
  • Helps you lose weight irrespective of your age, fitness, or activity levels, or other factors.

Thus, Alive is not your usual diet loss supplement available in the market, and using it would not put you in harm’s way.

Does Alive Work For Everyone?

The supplements from Alive work for every person that wants to lose weight. The company says that it has conducted extensive research to conclude that Alive’s supplements help everyone lose weight irrespective of their weight, activity or fitness levels, medical conditions, and other such factors.

Moreover, the company also says that all the ingredients are natural and have been scientifically tested. Hence, these supplements do not have any ingredients that might affect your health adversely.

However, as is the norm before getting started on any diet or health supplements, it is better to seek the advice of any medical professional.

How Much Do Alive’s Supplements Cost?

Alive - Pills review

Alive has special packages for its clients so that they can enjoy the benefits of the supplement at a very economical rate. Each bottle lasts around 30 days and is priced at $69.00. However, the other two packages are in bulk amounts and prove to be more economical.

The package of three bottles that lasts for 90 days charges $59.00 for each bottle! Whereas, the package of six bottles lasting around 180 days sells for $49.00 per bottle. Hence, Alive’s supplements are available at really affordable rates and provide you with several benefits.

Does Alive Have Any Refund Policy?

Yes, Alive does have a refund policy! This aspect is what gained my trust the most. In case you do not see results within 60 days of use, you can claim a refund. All of the bottles or packages from Alive come with a 60-day refund policy. The company would refund you the total amount without asking any questions!

Should I Purchase And Try Alive’s Supplements?

All of the general information about Alive’s supplements come from its site and the studies conducted by the company. The various certifications show that the company meets all the requirements and is legitimate. However, there has been no third-party study on the supplements and their benefits.

Several people have used Alive’s supplements and have benefitted from them. The web is filled with their reviews and testimonies which is what drove me to purchase Alive’s supplements. If you are weary and confused, it would be better that you dive in deeper and research the ingredients used in their supplements.

However, you could also purchase their supplements and give them a try because they have a 60-day refund policy to help you in case the supplements do not work for you or you are unsatisfied with the results or their service.



We have discussed the various aspects of Alive and its supplements and the product might or might not work for you. However, the 60-day refund policy gives you an incentive and it might be better that you try it out for yourself. However, do consult a licensed healthcare provider and seek their expert medical advice before trying out any new diet or supplements. We wish you all the best in your weight loss journey and hope you achieve results soon!

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