Common Op-Amp Board for SMD SOIC-8 Package deal


This is an easy to build and very useful project for hobbyists and students to learn and create OPAMP-based projects. The project accommodates a single op-amp in a SOIC8 package. The project provides the user with multiple choices and extensive flexibility for different applications circuits and configurations. It provides the user with many combinations for various circuit types including active filters, differential amplifiers, external frequency compensation circuits etc. A few examples of application circuits are given below. LM358 op-amp is the right choice to use but any SOIC8 OPAMP with the same pin configuration can be used. It supports dual supply or single supply, Jumper J1 is provided to use this board with a single supply, D1 is the power LED.

Universal Op-Amp Board for SMD SOIC-8 Package – [Link]


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