C&Ok Switches ILT Illuminated Toggle Switches

C&K Switches ILT Illuminated Toggle Switches feature an LED in the tip of the actuator with six color options: white, red, yellow, blue, green, and purple. The built-in LED saves panel space because there is no need for separate indicator light, and this light makes it easy to determine whether the switch is ON or OFF at any distance. ILT switches offer a 20A current rating, 50mΩ contact resistance, and 6.3mm quick-connect terminals for easy installation that doesn’t require soldering. C&K Switches ILT Illuminated Toggle Switches are ideal for telecommunications, medical equipment, and instrumentation applications.


  • LED is built into toggle handle
  • 6 LED color options available
  • 20A current rating
  • 6.3mm quick-connect terminals

more information: https://www.ckswitches.com

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