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Conrad_Fluke clamp meters

They are Fluke 377 and 378.

“Technicians are able to simultaneously obtain accurate voltage and current measurements through the clamp jaw by connecting the meter to any electrical ground and clamping around the conductor. Conveniently, the display turns green when a stable FieldSense measurement is detected, providing a visual indication that is very useful in noisy environments,” according to Conrad Electronic, which is stocking the instruments. “Use is further simplified by the inclusion of the iFlex flexible current probe that provides access to large conductors in tight spaces and permits the measurement of AC current as high as 2,500A.”

Without the iFlex, current is up to 1kA.

Three-phase measurements are possible with a three-step process, according to the distributor: “A full set of phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground values are calculated. All measurements are shown simultaneously on the dual display.”

Both meters are also available with a bluetooth interface, indicated by an ‘FC’ (Fluke Connect) suffix. Software allows the remote logging, trending and monitoring of measurements.

FC versions also auto-calculate and show phase rotation, which can be displayed on a phone and saved to the cloud via Fluke Connect software. “Fluke Connect allows maintenance technicians and service staff to record measured values and share them remotely,” said Conrad.

378 and 378 FC includes a power quality indicator that senses issues relating to current, voltage or power factor in supply or connected device.

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