Choose the Business Career That’s Right for You

Choose the Business Career That's Right for You

If you want to pursue a career in business but most of your family have all had careers outside of the business world, you might wonder what specific path to pursue. After all, the business is a broad category.

Do you want to go into finance or human resources? Maybe you’d like to work in sales. On top of that, you may also want to choose a specific industry, such as banking or entertainment. The points below can help you think through what’s important to you so you can choose a path that will lead to both success and happiness.

Your Education

The first step is going to school. You’ll need to choose a major, but you have a couple of years before you have to do that, so try to take a variety of courses in your freshman and sophomore years.

Keep in mind that whether or not you are eligible for scholarships, grants, or federal loans, you can also apply for private student loans.

These often offer low-interest rates and favorable repayment plans, and you can check your options quickly online. Knowing that you don’t have to worry about money means you can use other criteria to choose the school and the program that you think will suit you best.

Your Work Style

Do you mostly like to work alone, or do you prefer to be part of a team? Would you rather work with people or with documents and figures? Do you love spreadsheets or hate them? Do you prefer an office where things are done in an orderly, traditional fashion, or do you want to be surrounded by constant innovation? How much autonomy do you want?

Thinking over the answers to these questions can help you decide what you’d like to focus on. For example, if you enjoy quiet work that doesn’t involve a lot of interaction with others, accounting might suit you.

Of course, if you love both people and numbers, you could work directly with people as a financial planner. If you’re gregarious and persuasive, sales might be the way to go. If you have a creative streak, maybe you should consider marketing, advertising, or public relations.

Your Lifestyle

Another thing to consider is the type of lifestyle you want. Do you love the idea of jumping on a plane every couple of weeks, or are you a homebody? Do the skyscrapers of big cities thrill you, or do you prefer small towns? Are you looking for a career that you can mostly leave behind in the evenings and on weekends? Maybe you want to travel the world.

Some jobs will keep you on the road more days than not if that’s what you’re after. Consider the kind of salary you want as well. Keep in mind that bigger salaries may carry certain tradeoffs. For example, you might have to move someplace with a higher cost of living to take those top-paying jobs, or you may need to work more hours than you are willing.

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