Anritsu improves PAM4 evaluation in sampling oscilloscope


Anritsu MP2110A PAM4 option

Signal Processing Software Option-098 supports IEEE 802.3-compliant measurement of 50 to 400G PAM4 optical-module electrical interfaces.

“Data centres are currently switching to PAM4 optical modules to cope with increase in communications traffic on mobile networks,” said the company. “In line with the need for easier configuration of flexible networks, PAM4 optical modules for support many more communications speeds, ranging from 50 to 800 Gbit/s, than conventional NRZ technology.”

MP2110A is an all-in-one instrument combining a sampling oscilloscope for evaluating communication-signal waveforms and a BERT (bit error rate tester).

Through options, it can offer simultaneous dual or quad-channel sampling and sufficient sensitivity to analysis of optical signals from 26Gbaud NRZ to 53Gbaud PAM4.

Option-098 adds support for measurement using the IEEE 802.3 digital filter and equaliser, and an embedding-de-embedding function for calibrating the measurement environment, including cables.

Installing the built-in clock recovery Option-054 permits configuration of a trigger-signal-free measurement environment.


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