Analog Units Inc. ADP5320 Energy Administration Unit (PMU)

Analog Devices Inc. ADP5320 Power Management Unit (PMU) is designed to meet the demanding performance and board space requirements for wearable applications. This PMU combines nine digitally adjustable regulators, a fuel gauge, a 12-bit ADC, 2KB of OTP memory, and anticounterfeit logic in a 42-ball. The regulators include 2x buck-boost, 1x buck regulator, 5x Low Dropout (LDO) regulators, and one low input LDO. This ADP5320 PMU operates from a 1.8V to 5.5V input supply voltage range that enables the device for use with multiple types of battery inputs. The PMU features a power-good monitor, watchdog power hard reset, and I2C interface with interrupt warning.

The ADP5320 PMU fuel gauge includes a precision 16-bit coulomb counter that integrates battery current flowing through the device. A 12-bit ADC is included to monitor battery voltage, output supply voltages, and junction temperature. The ADP5320 PMU buck-boost regulators are high efficiency, step up and step down regulators. This PMU operates from -10°C to 70°C temperature range. Typical applications include wearable medical applications, IoT applications, disposable sensor devices, and battery-powered devices.


  • 1.8V to 5.5V wide input supply voltage range
  • 5.1μA standby mode low quiescent current, including UVLO
  • 16-bit coulomb counter fuel gauge with integrated high-side current sensing resistor
  • 12-bit ADC to monitor battery voltage, output voltages, and junction temperature
  • Channels 1 and Channel 2:
    • 150mA low power buck-boost regulator
    • Selective buck, boost, or buck-boost operation
    • Selective hysteresis or Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) mode
    • 50kHz to 225kHz selective PWM frequency
    • 2x programmable GPIOs for clock synchronization or fast stop switching input
  • Channel 3:
    • 150mA low power buck regulator
  • Channel 4 through Channel 6, and Channel 8:
    • 50mA low noise LDO and 1.65V to 5.5V input supply voltage range
  • Channel 7:
  • Channel 9:
    • 50mA, low noise LDO, and 1V to 1.9V input supply voltage range
  • I2C interface with interrupt warning
  • 2KB OTP memory
  • Power-good monitor and watchdog power hard reset
  • UVLO, peak current-limit protection, and TSD protection
  • Integrated anticounterfeit logic module
  • 42-ball, 0.40mm pitch, and 2.880mm x 2.980mm WLCSP
  • -10°C to 70°C operating junction temperature range

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