Again-to-back seating makes extra room for electrical car batteries

Page-Roberts electric vehicle concept

“Until now, EV manufacturers have placed car batteries under the floor as a convenient way to package sufficient battery energy for an acceptable range,” according to the company. “The drawbacks of this arrangement are the added height, increased weight and body structural complexities, along with an often-extended wheelbase. The Page-Roberts arrangement is more compact than standard electric vehicle designs on the market and offers the potential for a lower, more aerodynamic vehicle with a standard wheelbase.”

Do people want to travel facing backwards?

“Rear-facing seats are widely used in taxis and camper vans and may even become the norm for automated vehicles,” according to company CEO Freddy Page-Roberts. “Aside from increased design flexibility, they provide excellent outward visibility. Their position ahead of the rear wheels also provides enhanced passenger protection – reduced whiplash, for example, in the case of frontal impact.”

It is claiming reduced manufacturing costs and extended range as a result of the configuration, and that it is particularly suited to small electric vehicles, describing it as a unique solution for sleek and sporty four seat vehicles.

“The average car journey in the UK includes just two people, so why do we continue building massive cars?” asked Page-Roberts added. “In our design, the rear-facing seats provide extra luggage space when not in use, which is ideal considering it’s often just one or two people travelling.”

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