600W – 230VAC – Excessive Voltage DC Motor Velocity Controller – Heater Controller – Lamp/LED Dimmer


This is a very powerful DC Motor speed controller for DC motors up to 330V DC and current up to 2A. Basically, the project is a high voltage PWM source with adjustable frequency and adjustable PWM duty cycle range 0 to 99%.  The board has been designed considering many applications and the circuit can be used as a heater controller, DC Motor speed controller, LED dimmer, Lamp dimmer, and High voltage PWM driver. The circuit can handle load up to 600W (330V DC @ 2A). The operating input supply is 100V AC to 250V AC or 100V to 330V DC. It is important to provide the input supply as per the operating power supply of the load. Trimmer pot PR1 is provided to adjust the frequency, and P1 to adjust the PWM duty cycle.

600W – 230VAC – High Voltage DC Motor Speed Controller – Heater Controller – Lamp/LED Dimmer – [Link]


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