12V bi-directional dc-dc converter for servers

Delta U50SU4P162

“We are seeing a significant increase in the requirement for 48V – 12V bi-directional dc converters, especially the AI computing cards,” said Delta R&D director Wei Tang. “The U50SU4P162 converts 48V into the intermediate bus voltage required by the downstream voltage regulator. It can also convert 12V into 48V to power the downstream system so as to satisfy the needs of different power systems.”

The 800W converter is 23 x 17.4 x 10mm and is up to ) and up 97.9% – it has double-sided heatsinking .

Switching is at 1MHz, it can handle load capacitors up to 10,000µF, and had a serial data bus to communicate with a host.

High side input range is 38 to 60V and, with a fixed ratio 0f 4:1 in between, low side spans 9.5 to 15V.

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