10 Greatest Avast Options You Should Test in 2021

Best Avast Alternatives

The digital era means that more and more people are focused on working online. Along with the increased use of the web, security issues are more common. To protect their personal data from external risks, a lot of people use antivirus software for their PC. One of the more popular ones is Avast Antivirus which works on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, as well as iOS.

However, a number of people search for Avast Alternatives because of issues with the software. The Avast software takes a lot of time to scan computers and report bugs. Moreover, the system slows down during these scans making it unfit for use. The malware protection provided by Avast is not at par with the price of the total protection package.

The free version of Avast provides only limited features. This is why a lot of people search for the best Avast Alternatives available in the market. One single search shows a range of options but which are the best out of these? To answer this question, we have compiled a list of the 10 Best Avast Alternatives Software that you can choose from. So let us dive right in and look at the options available.

Here is the list of 10 Best Avast Alternatives:

Kaspersky Antivirus

kaspersky - Avast Alternatives

Kaspersky Antivirus is a cloud-based antivirus technology making it one of the most updated antivirus software. The antivirus is capable of protecting any device from new and unknown threats. Kaspersky is a one in all solution for all security needs such as web antivirus, password and file protection, and much more.

The Premium package of Kaspersky is the most updated and provides the highest level of protection. The package comes with GPS protection which keeps your devices safe in case of any theft. Moreover, the package also provides password protection and lets you backup your files.

 Some other pros are:

  • The anti-malware protection is worthwhile.
  • Takes minimum resources or time for completion.
  • Can be customized to fit the needs.
  • Provides a 30 day free trial.

However, Kaspersky is not all good. Let us have a look at some cons:

  • The free package provides access to the basic features only.
  • Basic package works only for Windows OS.
  • Total Protection Package is a bit overpriced compared to other alternatives. 

If you have the budget to spend, Kaspersky would be the best Avast alternatives for you.


adguard - Avast Alternatives

AdGuard is a software that focuses on blocking ads on the web so that people can surf the internet without any additional risks. The software also protects from online tracking, invasive ads, and protects the computer from malware. AdGuard makes the web surfing process quicker, safer, and agreeable. The software protects users from slow loading time, unnecessary bandwidth usage, scam ads, as well as fake news.

Some pros of using AdGuard are:

  • Available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.
  • A complete tool for web surfing needs.
  • Extensive parental control.
  • Works for browsers as well as apps.
  • 14 days trial available for Windows and Mac.
  • 7 days trial available for Android.
  • Offers VPN services.

A number of users worldwide prefer Adguard to Avast because Adguard has a better customer support policy. Moreover, the customer support is faster and is available 24/7. The software has subscriptions available along with packages for lifetime access.

The yearly and lifetime packages are available for individuals as well for the complete family (upto 9 devices together). Users say that Adguard is faster and solves more problems than Avast making it the best Avast alternative.

TotalAV Antivirus

TotalAV Antivirus- Avast Alternatives

TotalAV Antivirus is a complete antivirus package that comes with regular virus definition updates. The software provides a comprehensive list of the result of its scans making it easy to understand. Moreover, TotalAV also provides real-time antivirus protection and has an unmatchable virus detection rate.

Some reasons for choosing TotalAV Antivirus as the best Avast alternative is:

  • Provides an advanced anti-malware engine.
  • Protects from encryption frauds demanding money to decrypt files.
  • Removes ad cookies or other malicious ads.
  • Protects the device from any spying activities.
  • Blocks any website deemed unsafe or collecting data.
  • Works across all devices.
  • Reduces the background processes, meaning extended battery life.
  • Excellent VPN services.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

However, there are some cons of TotalAV Antivirus that we need to consider:

  • The free and the basic version do not offer all features.
  • Has not been tested by third-party labs.

The basic version that does not come with VPN, Ad Blocker, and password vault is priced at $99.00 per year. It can be used on at most 3 devices. However, the Total Security pack is priced at $149.00 per year and can be used on upto 6 devices. This is one of the Best Avast Alternatives.


malwarebytes - Avast Alternatives

Malwarebytes is an antivirus software that is available for personal as well as business use. The software aims to provide complete cybersecurity and is trusted by professionals across the world. For small businesses that do not need wide solutions, Malwarebytes has packages that work on any number of devices between 1 and 99. It works towards protecting devices and the data from cyber attack.

Some pros of choosing Malwarebytes are:

  • Provides solutions based on the company size.
  • Provides packages based on the industry.
  • High quality protection, detection, and elimination of viruses.
  • Has cloud-based security management solutions.
  • Provides advanced server protection.
  • Free trial is available.
  • Will help choose a package based on the needs.
  • Has antivirus for Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android, as well as iOS.
  • 60 day money back guarantee along with each package.

Malwarebytes’ antivirus software is priced at $3.33/month for 1 device and $6.67/month for 5 devices. These packages do not come with extra privacy protection. The antivirus package that comes with privacy protection is priced at $8.33/month and works on 5 devices at most. Users say that Malwarebytes’ packages are easier to install compared to Avast and provide solutions to every need.

Norton Antivirus

norton antivirus

Norton Antivirus has a strong reputation and provides packages to users worldwide. It is a complete software for one’s cybersecurity needs. The best part is that Norton has antivirus packages based on the kind of user activity. Norton 360 for Gamers is one such special type and is used by gamers worldwide.

Some pros of choosing Norton over Avast are:

  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Provides VPN protection.
  • Provides packages for gaming protection.
  • Has packages for mobile security on Android and iOS.
  • Packages have a 7 day free trial option.
  • Has a free virus removal software.
  • Has a free password manager.
  • Extensively tested in third-party labs.
  • Has minimal effect on the system.

The only problem with Norton Antivirus is that the scan is time taking. The Norton 360 with Lifelock Ultimate Plus is priced at $349.99 yearly and works on an unlimited number of devices. It also comes with 500GB of cloud storage which provides extra storage capacity.

Eset Protect Advanced

eset antivirus

Eset Protect Advanced is an advanced software focusing on the user side of the server. This means that the software’s focus is to protect the user’s device from attack rather than protecting the complete server.

Some benefits that provide Eset with an edge over Avast are:

  • Uses cutting-edge technology and experienced developers.
  • Implements advanced machine learning.
  • Works for Windows, macOS, and Android devices.
  • 30 days free trial available.
  • Single license required for all devices.
  • Additional focus on banking privacy.
  • Offers multi-layered protection.
  • Allows tracking devices in case of theft.
  • Creates packages meeting business requirements.

Eset’s Antivirus Solutions are preferred over Avast because of the array of benefits it provides. There are regular offers on the antivirus software Which Makes it Best Avast Alternative.

AVG Antivirus

avg antivirus - Avast Alternatives

AVG Antivirus is reliable and one of the fastest Avast alternatives available on the web. The software is available for Windows, macOS, as well as Android. It protects the devices from viruses or malware during any online activity. The best part of AVG Antivirus is that it provides cloud based solutions and protects any and all confidential data.

Some additional benefits making AVG Antivirus the best Avast alternative are:

  • Does not slow down the system.
  • Is highly ranked by third-party laboratories.
  • Efficient performance in extensive testing processes.
  • The free version comes with solutions to basic needs.
  • Is easily customizable.
  • Available business packages.

However, some cons of AVG are:

  • The antivirus is not available for iOS. However, VPN, Browser Packages, and other facilities are available for iOS too.
  • The free version works only on Windows and Android.
  • Unnecessary time-taking scans.

Thus, the extensive facilities make AVG Antivirus one of the best Avast alternatives Present in the Market. 


hitmanpro antivirus - Avast Alternatives

HitmanPro is software that comes with advanced malware protection, scans, and removal tools. The software has two packages – HitmanPro and HitmanPro.Alert. The HitmanPro package scans the device for any virus, malware, spyware, or other issues and clears it. However, the HitmanPro.

Alert prevents and protects the system from any external attack in real-time and helps increase privacy. The Alert package provides multiple layers of security and does not require any software uninstallation.

Some pros of HitmanPro are:

  • Free 30 day trial without any credit card details.
  • Analyzes any encryption and stops ransomware attacks.
  • Creates file backups before stopping and removing ransomware.
  • Does not need any user input.
  • Encrypts sensitive information such as passwords or payment information.
  • Alerts when any program turns on the device’s webcam.
  • Easy to use interface.

For HitmanPro you do not need to install any software, unlike the HitmanPro.Alert. However, the installation, in this case, is quick. The antivirus software is available only for Windows PCs.it is one the best Avast Alternatives.

Avira Antivirus

Avira Antivirus

For users that want an antivirus, anti-spyware, and anti-rootkit solution at the same place, Avira Antivirus is the best choice. The software provides protection using cloud real-time security technologies and highly effective malware protection. Users can also download free applications and software to enhance the protection further.

Some additional benefits of using Avira Antivirus are:

  • Offers internet protection to protect data.
  • Parental controls for added security.
  • Android protection for mobile.
  • Free version with satisfactory features available.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Works on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.
  • Does not have any adverse effect on the system.
  • Protects emails
  • Protects against encryption.
  • High-quality firewall.

Some cons to be considered are:

  • The paid package does not provide too many additional benefits.
  • Ads and pop-ups in the free version.

The Avira Antivirus has three packages – Pro, Internet Security, and Prime, priced at $44.99 (1 device), $57.99 (1 device), and $99.99 (5 devices) respectively. Thus, Avira is affordable and the best Avast alternatives.

Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender

Microsoft spends a lot of time and effort on the creation of exemplary software. Recently, the company spent considerable time on the Microsoft Defender Antivirus and the efforts have paid well. Microsoft Defender passed extensive tests in third-party laboratories and received good ratings.

Some benefits of using Microsoft Defender are:

  • Is an additional part of Windows OS.
  • No extra charge.
  • Satisfactory anti-malware and anti-ransomware protection features.
  • Extensive scan tests are available.
  • Is very easy to use.
  • Uses minimal system resources.
  • Easy to configure (The latest version does not need any configuration).
  • Starts automatically with the device.
  • Can be accessed manually.
  • Very simple and comprehensive interface making it easy to use.

However, the software does have some drawbacks. Let us look at some of the cons:

  • A very limited array of features.
  • No proper customer support team.
  • Needs some user interaction.

Windows Defender is completely free and comes with Windows. Hence, Windows users do not need to make any additional downloads or installations. However, if there is any additional antivirus software installed, Windows Defender is disabled to avoid unnecessary complications or problems. For users that use their PCs for fulfilling basic needs, Windows Defender might provide enough protection. These Features Makes it Best Avast Alternatives.


Avast is a good antivirus software but comes with issues such as installation and update problems. With the release of a new version, users occasionally run into problems with Avast and it is annoying. Moreover, the scans provided by the software take a lot of time to run which slows down the device.

Thus, users need to hit pause when the scans take place. To avoid these common but problematic issues, many users search for the best Avast alternative available. The web has different options that can be availed. However, antivirus is a complicated and substantial part of our devices needing extra discretion.

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