10 Finest Jira Options To Strive In 2021

Jira Alternatives

Jira is a project management tool developed by an Australian company, Altassian, very famous among software development companies. It has over 35 million consumers globally, making it one of the most used project management tools. 

Jira has all the features you would look for in management software – it helps teams plan and build, track progress, helps task management in general. It is great for teams who collaborate often and need a tool that can keep up with their agility.

However, we are aware that giant software like Jira comes with its shortcomings. Jira plans are not suitable for small businesses and can be harsh on their pockets. Moreover, the software becomes clunky at times that can interrupt the workflow. Jira is undoubtedly amazing and will hold its own against other project management tools, but one tool can’t be suitable for all.

Jira is hard to learn and implement. Many companies look for tools that are quick and can be easy for their employees. It also doesn’t support multiple assignees, which can be a major setback if many people are working on a task.

As a lot of businesses have risen in the past year, it is tough for them to use the software that caters to the biggies and still manage to be within their budgets. So we bring you a list of Jira alternatives that have their pros and cons but are a good option to consider, especially when you don’t have the resources to go for something like Jira.

Here is the list of 10 Best Jira Alternatives:


ProofHub: Jira Alternative

ProofHub is a project planning tool that offers many features just like Jira, but with little to no cost for the user. The user interface of ProofHub is intuitive and works beautifully in streamlining the workflow. It has many tools that assist in project management and also ensure the efficiency of team collaboration.

You can assign a task to multiple people, which is not the case on Jira – so this is a huge upgrade. It also offers an open API system that allows you and your team to connect with a third-party app virtually.

You can also send direct messages on the platform or have collective group chats to make the work environment more fun.

There are pages to post announcements, whether it be an achievement or a general circular. One can set recurring tasks so that you don’t have to manually type it all out every time.

You get the space to define the roles each person plays in the organization as well. You can store ideas, suggestions, and other minute details in the “Notes” section.



Workzone : Jira Alternative

Workzone might just be the one for your team and we are sure that you must have come across this name if you have been actively searching for project management software.

This is a good choice when you have some non-technical users working for you who may not be that adept at using the software.

You can create an individual workspace within the software and customize it according to your requirements. One can create templates for each team and reuse them over and over again.

You can create personalized task lists for each member. With the help of this tool, you can let them know what exactly is expected of them and how to go about doing it.

You can send out alerts within a team when a particular task is complete so that the next one can take over from there, which saves a lot of time. One can also get reports specifically from each member if needed or from the team as a whole.

You can request a demo from this software site to see if your team likes it and can work easily over it after which you can start looking at the price tags of all the plans they have. 


Backlog: Jira Alternative

Backlog is a tool for project management and is much simpler to use than Jira. It enhances team collaboration and makes the workflow consistent.

It has many features that are unique to it, and not available on Jira. You can send push notifications of new issues so that the team gets alerted on any urgent matter at once.

You can set dues dates so that the work is done on time, with enough left over to make revisions as well. With the help of this software, you can also invite clients and freelancers to the board during collaborations and guest posts.

With the help of this tool Creating description pages for your team defining their roles within the company is too easy.

One can utilize their easy bug tracking tool to stay ahead of any issues that might arise. You can customize things to suit the needs of your team, there are many workflow charts available here.

It is available both on the cloud and on-premise. Git and SVN are built-in within the software, so your team has one platform where they can do all of their tasks.



Assembla is a newer addition to the list and is considerably younger than the Jira software, but has made many of its customers happy, which is why it certainly deserves a spot here.

They have an easy bug tracking tool. They offer hourly backups so that no data is lost in software while running.

The collaboration on this tool is one of the best features, as it is comparatively smoother than the others. You can keep up with the team with user stories and preview cards. It allows you to create personal filters and resolve issues through multiple project management workflows.

There are unlimited SVN and Git repositories that can be very helpful for any software company. You can create task boards and other such visual boards so that you have all the necessary information available at a glance. There is a built-in time tracking application as well. 


TargetProcess: Jira Alternative

TargetProcess is a special project management tool, one of the best and most popular ones on the market. It is an ideal tool for teams that are agile in software testing and need to have their workflows mapped out so that they don’t waste time.

It has an intuitive interface that can be the base for strong collaborations. You can do some high-level planning and performance tracking with this tool. It also helps to visualize timelines and project data so that you have a board where all the work to be done is readily on display at all times.

You can create storyboards and maps to plan better with your team. It also offers custom views, cards, and reports. It is easy to use the Bug tracking and test case management on this software. TargetProcess also helps to evaluate the project data and the progress of multiple teams on multiple projects.

You get a distraction-free view of your project on the dashboard and don’t waste time switching from one platform to another. You get a free use model with few features that you can try before you make a definite choice.

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is an agile project management software. The viewpoints of a team as a whole can be presented visually on this tool so that there is a smooth flow of work between all the members of the team.

You can easily select between features, bugs, and tasks to diversify the tasks at hand and make sure that everyone gets some freshness.

The powerful search syntax supports Boolean expressions. You can utilize third-party apps and tools on this software so that you don’t have to skip between multiple pages to do a single task. 

One can have realistic estimates and plan accordingly, saving time and effort. You can manage your projects by delegating tasks to teams that can make it all easier for you.

The software is designed for Agile only and does not serve others. Some terms it uses might need some getting used to. It can also help to increase the visibility of a project.

There is a free trial and then a paid version available. You can choose according to your budget and requirements. It is one of the most popular Jira alternatives.



Blossom is one of the frontrunners in being one of the top Jira alternatives. It is based on Kanban and has a goal of consistently improving workflows in the teams.

It is a free resource, so you can use this easily if you have a small business. This website has great visuals for performance analytics that can be helpful for your team. Code integration on this platform is easy.

It has good project screen grabs and fast performance analytics and insights that can help improve your work. This website is a great place to have some good in-app discussions and has Git and Slack available for integration.

Jira does not have many solutions and features when compared to Blossom. It is one of the perfect modern Jira alternatives as it also retains some of the old features that Jira offers. 


Crocagile: Jira Alternative

Crocagile brings a lot to the table, making it one of the ideal Jira alternatives. It offers cutting-edge technology at the tips of your fingers and is extremely easy to be used. It is a modernized version of Jira and comes with many additional features that support strong team collaboration.

Their social dashboard has been the talk of the town and their sharing features have added a good vibe to the workflow charts. You can keep track of all the cards and organize your virtual workspace according to your requirements. 

You can track your achievements and practices as well as look at the ones of your peers to motivate yourself to do better.

This ensures that there is some healthy competition that ultimately benefits the business. You can update card statuses without diving deep into the work. It is just amazing as a lot of the time the tasks just need to be updated on the top itself.

The software offers a free trial for some days after which you can look at paid plans that suit your company.



Bugzilla is a famous open-source tool. It manages software development processes. Mozilla created this foundation and they used it to track bugs in their systems.

It works better than Jira, as this tool makes it possible to trace the issues back to the initial source. This allows the user to make the changes and the transition becomes very smooth.

It is one of the best Jira alternatives as it has many additional features that are lacking in Jira. It is also available in multiple languages, showing their willingness to be diverse.

They have a customizable user interface as well. The security patches are published regularly and you can submit and review them as well.

It has integrated email and report tools in the application. The tool can link different defect reports to ensure consistency and make it easier for the users to solve and fix.

It supports various operating systems such as Windows and Linux. The best part for you – this tool is free! Although paid versions are available, the free tool comes with many features too.


Asana: Jira Alternative

Asana is one of the free Jira alternatives that do well. It eliminates the need for having other third-party apps as well, as it is an all-in-one platform. Asana displays constant updates on a Live Activity feed.

It performs project and task management and offers the visuals of a project for external parties. This is great as you can invite your clients to the platform for collaborating. It also helps to add tasks and workers for multiple projects easily.

You can make different sections for projects and more sections within each project. By setting goals and reminders, you eliminate the need for any notepad as everything can be done virtually on this software.

You can handle multiple workspaces from one place. There is an automatically updated inbox and the ability to start team chats and add assignees to a task in this software. It has easy options to create a new project or to add new tasks. The tool being free is ideal for start-ups and such.


Jira is a great tool indeed, but may not be right for all companies. After all, each company comes with its own needs and one software can’t be the answer to everything.

Jira is very expensive and honestly, a little outdated as many of these tools mentioned above are cheaper and can perform more functions that can suit you better. This can make anyone consider the benefits of using software other than Jira.

Here you have the 10 best alternatives to Jira listed in one place and you can choose the best for your enterprise.

We have made the task a little easier for you by providing you with everything there is to know about these tools in one place. You don’t have to look at multiple sources and articles all over the internet. 

Some of these offer free trials so you can make your team try them out for a definite time. Now project management has been made easier for you from the Jira alternatives we have mentioned above.

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